Mail-In upgrade of the SAAB NG9-5 2010-2012 navigation maps

Due to COVID-19, travel across Europe is restricted, which has made travel to Sölvesborg, and for us to travel out in Europe, impossible. Consequently, we have now conceived a workflow that will allow us to accept mail-in upgrades eliminating the need for travel.

The price for the upgrade is €300 plus shipping.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make sure your navigation has been upgraded to E800. If not, contact us for advice.
  2. Fill in our ordering form and await email confirmation that we are ready to receive your drive.
  3. With your confirmation, you will receive a quote as PDF, please include a printed copy in the package!
  4. Remove the hard drive from your car following our instructional video on YouTube.
  5. Package and send the hard drive to Sölvesborg. Be sure to only use proper packaging material. Please note: The same packaging will be used to send the drive back to you so make sure it’s good quality and sturdy enough to be able to withstand both the trip to and from Sölvesborg. Damage to the hard drive due to insufficient packaging is on you!
  6. Did you remember to put the quote in the box? This allows us to track your hard drive, and ensure you get your drive back!
  7. When the hard drive arrives in Sölvesborg, you will receive an invoice and details for payment via email.
  8. As soon as we can confirm payment has arrived, your upgraded hard drive will be sent back to you.
  9. Install the hard drive in your car. Please note, some ”glitches” are expected the first time you start up the unit with the new maps: The unit may reboot a few times and appear ”locked up”, this will clear after the unit restarts. New maps might also not be immediately visible. Entering a destination and start navigating will load the new maps.
  10. Enjoy your updated maps!

Remember: this upgrade includes the backup of your hard drive. Should you encounter problems with your drive, please contact us for support.
We upgrade your hard drive. That ensures that your saved music, saved locations, voice memos etc will still be there when you receive your upgraded drive.

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